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       Corporate values:?
   Benedict and sincere: the base of our cause?
   And Rui-min: We are professional of myeloid?
   Really new: We have the performance of the?
  And into a total of: Our team at all?
   Corporate code of conduct:?
   Benedict and the Prudential?
   1, and the integrity of the customer, sincere service, responsible in the end.?
   2, Atsushi in common cause, perseverance, perseverance.?
   3, to communicate a sincere and frank, straight. We are opposed to each other and resist all acts of slander and strife.?
   4, loyal to enterprise employees are valuable employees, concerned about the value of the leadership of staff leadership.?
   5, we adhere to business ethics,despised, the only way to concentrate on work for clients.?
   And Rui-min?
   6, sharp eyes, Minda thinking, keen insight into.?
   7, found an immediate response to the question, agile hand.?
   8, the acceleration of high-quality work stress.?
   9, Tung-chi informed, comprehensive and unique, Hui-hui who has reached up to their own people.?
   Is the new?
   10, we adhere to empirical, real, effective principles.?
   11, with the strength to speak, to speak with the performance. Not only the name of realism, not only with science and only.?
   12, as the innovation to life, our enemies are following the beaten track and resting on its laurels.?
   13, we adopted the system, the team and learn from the knowledge of the cluster to achieve integration, to achieve the goal of innovation and     beyond.?
   And into a total of?
   14, we believe that the outcome of the consultation is the crystallization of the wisdom of the team to ensure that the quality of the consultation     must be synergy.?
   15, we are happy to share the results with customers, sharing the success with the team to achieve customer, team, to raise the value of         individuals.?
   16, as long as there is the capacity of each member to do what we can be the "leader in" so we are happy to trust their partners to replace.?
   17, we continue to progress, the new nisshin any people and things do not allow us to give up the pursuit of common cause.?
   18, we believe that as long as the intentions and efforts, nothing is impossible.