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Continuous Pickling Line
Continuous Pickling Line

1. Specification:

strip thickness:1.2-6.0mm                                                                              

strip width:500-163.mm

coil weight: max.30t                                                                                          


 2. Technical parameter for the pickling line:

Pickling medium:hydrochloric acid(鈮?1%)                                                    

Pickling density :8-18%

Pickling time:miumum:25-30s                                                                        

Pickling temperature:65-85掳c

Acid denstiy :Max 200g/L  HCL 5g/Fe³+  125g/L Fe²                                

Driven way :adopt SIMENS AC frequency control system in main driving

 3.Continous pickling line,characteristic is higer efficiency,high output and low electric consumption etc,

the line can produce 600 000- 1200 000 tons/year.

Following is  the data for continuous pickling hot rolled strip with the annual yield of 800 000 tons.

Acid output stirp thickness strip width coil weight line speed
HCL 800 000t/y 1.2-4.5mm 500-1530mm Max 30t Max 300m/min


4. Process Flow of the pickling line:

Manually loading鈫抏ntry coil car 鈫扤o.1 pay -off reel 鈫扤o.1 pay -off reel scraper 鈫扤o.2 pay -off reel 鈫扤o.2 pay -off reel scaper 鈫扤o.1 five -roll leveler 鈫?No.2 five -roll leveler 鈫抎eflector roll 鈫抎ouble shears 鈫抝oint pinch roll 鈫抴elder 鈫扤o.1 bridle roll 鈫扤o.1 horizontal looper 鈫扤o.1 CPC 鈫扤O.2 bridle roll 鈫抎escaler 鈫扤o.3 bridle roll 鈫抪ickling tank 鈫抮isning tank 鈫抌lowing machine 鈫抙ot air drying  鈫扤o.3 bridle roll  鈫扤o.2 double roll CPC 鈫扤o.5 bridle roll 鈫抪inch CPC unit 鈫抎isc shear 鈫抯crap coiling 鈫抰hree -roll tension roller 鈫扤o.3 exit shear 鈫抏lectrostatic oiling 鈫抏xit deflecting  鈫抪ressing roll 鈫抍oiler 鈫抏xit coil car 鈫抣oading platform.

 5.  Service commitment:

We customize the products according to the customers鈥?requirements. If you are not sure about the exact product you want, we can give you some advices, according to your factory鈥檚 area, annual capacity, raw material, your finished products.

We provide the methods of the maintenance of products.

Engineers are available to service machinery overseas. The servie includes installation,debugging, and repairing.

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